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  • pick_3_logo Play Pick 3 four times a day! Pick 3 offers a cent play, six days a week (four times a day) and a top prize of $ (on a $1 play.) It's easy to play. Just pick three single-digit numbers from "0" to "9", choose how you want to play them, the number of drawings you want to play and the time of day you want to play.
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  • Draw Date, Morning Winning Numbers, Sum It Up! Day Winning Numbers, Sum It Up! Evening Winning Numbers, Sum It Up! Night Winning Numbers, Sum It Up!.
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Texas Lottery» Games» Pick 3» Pick 3 Home Page Play Pick 3 four times a day! Pick 3 offers a cent play, Pick 3 Day Winning Numbers for 12/25/ rows · Pick 3 Past Winning Numbers. Texas Lottery» Games» Pick 3» Past . Texas (TX) Pick 3 Day latest winning numbers, plus drawing schedule and past lottery results.

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