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Billy Murphy is the owner of Bluefirepoker. His revenue comes from Snocross Glyndon Mn. His blog can be found at http: What do you do? Also, are you the face of your company or do other people represent it to the world? Listen to his feedback and everything else that went on in this Bluefirepoker coming up. Three messages before we get started. First, do you need a single phone number that comes with multiple Bluefirepoker so anyone who works at your company can be reached no matter where they are, go to grasshopper.

Next, does anyone you know need a beautiful online store that actually increases sales but is easy to set up and manage. Send them to shopify. Finally, Do you need a lawyer who actually understands the start-up world that you and I live in? Hey there, freedom fighters. My name is Andrew Warner. I wonder if the audience picks up that when I do the announcement, I check the audio levels too. Anyway, back to this interview.

Billy Murphy is the owner of bluefirepoker. I know you talked about the first day revenue from Blue Fire Poker. And I know you had an incredible early second week, I think it was. What was the revenue for the first and second weeks? I want to find out how you did that. I actually went back to archive. You want to tell the audience a little bit about that?

It was an email forum. We just had a simple lander. Just kind of put it up, and whoever found it. It was all after launch. I just wrote myself a note to make sure to come back to it. One more thing about revenue. What size revenue are you guys doing now? You had a little ambition in you from the Bluefirepoker, from what I can tell.

You had a newspaper route that you were too young to have. Can you tell the audience about that? I was nine years old, and you had to be 12 years Bluefirepoker to have a newspaper route, so I knew [?? I think we just lost you there, Billy. I think we just lost you. Do you have anything running in the background that could be using up your bandwidth? You just did a restart before we started. When I was nine, you had to be 12 years old to get a newspaper route, and the guy across the street had our neighborhood and was making 50 bucks a week, which was millions of dollars to me as a nine year old.

I talked to him and I asked him about Bluefirepoker money he was making and I had my mom call the newspaper company and ask if there was an exception they could make.

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The manager who hires the newspaper carriers came over and met with me and my mom, and I told him I was serious about it, wanted to make money. They let me Bluefirepoker it, and I started doing newspaper routes when I was nine, and it Bluefirepoker awesome. It was tons of money to me, at the time. Fifty dollars a week was awesome.

At the time, I just saved it up and the one thing that I spent money on was sports cards. I used to collect sports cards. Baseball cards, basketball cards, that kind of thing. That launched my next business, years later, just because I was into that stuff.

If you want it. Do you want to buy from me directly? Saw you were bidding on the same thing and, do you want it? It was horrible, but finally got somebody to buy the cards. I contacted the same guy and gave him an idea of the Casino Near Bismarck Nd. Bottom line, what size money did you make from this?

And so I did cards the next two years or whatever until I was in college. And my parents were worried, got to get a job, got to get things on your resume. And I was just kind of collecting cards and buying out all these collections. I was 17 or 18 and it was …. What was the trick to generating money, to making money from sports cards?

Yeah, persistent about sales was one, so every time I would kind of have something to sale. I was doing same thing, I was contacting everyone who had ever bid on something similar. And so again it was an efficient time spend, but for a 17 year old it was still better than I can do at a job or anything. But I found a guy in Syracuse, who was buying collections from sports card companies, or buy outs from stores.

And I was buying so cards that, you can get big deals. And so, it was, you can take little fractions of a [?? And I was actually doing the opposite of what a lot of people were doing. Other people were buying collections and breaking them down, and selling them piece by piece. And then, people were kind of caught up in the, I need to buy this collection because it has all this cool Bluefirepoker.

Where because I was buying in such bulk and placing interesting pieces into the collection. I was actually doing opposite as …. Yeah, it Bluefirepoker big lesson in sales, and just pursuing just a Bluefirepoker Why, Billy, what was it about making money that fired you up? I keep hearing entrepreneurs come on here and say, that even when I was a kid I used to sell cards, or gum, or whatever. And Bluefirepoker wonder, at that point what were you trying to do?

Were you trying to buy enough money to impress your friends, were you trying to just see how many bills you can stack up in your bedroom? What was the goal of it? I just always was intrigued about making money. And I was interested how certain people had money …. I was never in the, like ….

But it was, you know. It was just an innate part of you.

Yeah, it was just curiosity and interest. And then, once I got to making it I enjoyed having it, I guess as a 9-year-old and similar to when I was 17 doing cards.

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As a 9-year-old if I wanted to buy a big Bluefirepoker of cards I could just go buy it. Where all my friends would have to wait a year until the next birthday to get it. And things like that were I was, like, wow.

It really does change your life being able to do what you want and kind of buy what you want.

In fact you used to stalk people on forums to learn. I would, and this was one of the biggest ways I learned. I would go to, at the time it was Rich Dad forums, which is now kind of not the same anymore.

So I would literally stalk people. If you think about all the posts some of these people make. So I would literally read every single post that they had written. Then I would annoy some people on forums and kind of picked Bluefirepoker brains and I realized you put in the work ahead of time people see that you are motivated to learn. So, I just found three or four successful people and I tried everything they said. If it was to read a book I went ahead and did it. Then when I had questions I would ask for the help and specified a page number and a specific topic.

It was hard work but it was easy to learn and get acquainted with how people were doing it. Bluefirepoker can see how that led to BlueFirePoker site where you have people teaching how to play poker better.

Where did that come from?

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