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What does the phrase "dollars to donuts" mean? Currently voted the best answer. Vote for this answer. Banty Answer has 4 votes. If you say that something will happen, dollars to donuts, you mean you are sure it will happen.

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Dollars to donuts the company is going to fold. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts she won't come to the party. Hope you are satisfied with the answer. MyAlias Answer has 6 votes.

One is wagering something of great value against something of relatively no value as an assertion of assuredness concerning their point of belief. Get a new mixed Fun Trivia quiz each day in your email. It's a fun way to start your day! What was Twiggy's birth name? Bonnie Parker Lesley Hornby. Lana Turner Vera Lynn. Are the munchkins really made out of the cut-out holes of donuts, or are they produced entirely independently?

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  1. English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. bet a dollar to a donut · wager a dollar to a doughnut · bet dollars to doughnuts. Etymology[edit]. Possibly adapted from "bet dollars to buttons" and "bet dollars to dumplings" that appeared in the s, meaning "to feel almost certain" because the dollars are bet against something nearly.:
    English[edit]. Verb[edit]. bet dollars to donuts. Alternative form of bet a dollar to a doughnut. Retrieved from " bet_dollars_to_donuts&oldid=". Categories: English lemmas · English verbs. Navigation menu. Personal tools. Not logged in; Talk · Contributions · Preferences. What's the origin of the phrase 'Dollars to donuts'?. This is, of course, an American phrase and hence I have listed it here using its US spelling, despite the fact that here in the UK a donut is most definitely a doughnut. Dollars to donuts ' Dollars to donuts' is a pseudo betting term, pseudo in that it didn't originate with actual. Dollars to donuts. Posted by R. Berg on December 30, In Reply to: Dollars to donuts posted by Taupe on December 30, Most users maintain that the phrase to "I'll bet dollars to donuts" indicates something is almost certain. If the origin is late s to early s when a dollar was worth a lot and a donut .
  2. Definition of bet dollars to doughnuts in the Idioms Dictionary. bet dollars to doughnuts phrase. What does bet dollars to doughnuts expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.:
    If you say that it is dollars to doughnuts that something will happen, you mean that you are certain it will happen. Note: `Doughnuts' is sometimes spelled ` donuts' in this expression. It's dollars to doughnuts that the bank of the future will charge more for its services. Well, I'll bet you, Alex, almost dollars to donuts that I' ll wake. Definition of bet dollars to donuts in the Idioms Dictionary. bet dollars to donuts phrase. What does bet dollars to donuts expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 22 Jun So now we have “dollars” and “doughnuts,” but when did someone get the bright idea to put them together? “Dollars for doughnuts,” or alternatively “dollars to doughnuts,” meaning a “safe bet,” or a “sure thing,” seems to have first popped up, at least in its documented form, in a February 6, edition of.
  3. 30 May The almost forgotten terms 'dollars-to-buttons' and 'dollars-to-dumplings' appeared in the s, meaning 'almost certain' and usually used in 'I'll bet you dollars-to-buttons/dumplings.' They were replaced by with the more popular 'dollars-to-doughnuts' (a variation, 'dollars-to-cobwebs,' never.:
    Originated in ages past when doughnuts were extremely cheap. Chiefly used as a comparison for odds purposes as in the example. Party A Betting " dollars to doughnuts" against Party B would pay a winning party B Dollars, versus doughnuts (vastly cheaper than one hundred dollars) paid to a winning Party A.
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The phrase appears to have originated in mid 19th century USA. A hundred sacks of donuts - twelve to a sack - is like one thousand two-hundred roundies It has often been claimed that the holed doughnut was invented just shortly before this in by one Captain Hanson Gregory, see: Ha ha ha, …midnight nibblin' round the hole is the best Home Search Phrase Dictionary Dollars to donuts.

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Maybe I'll have a little time to check out my e-mail before I head back to the shop again this evening - you could let me in on what happens in your bet before I go and do a little midnight nibblin' round the hole, that's what I call it when I just get a bag of cocoanut roundies and no coffee Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Dollars to Doughnuts June 22, Melissa 4 comments. It means you are so sure of something that you'll bet your dollars that's worth something to someone's donuts that's not worth anything. A hundred sacks of donuts - twelve to a sack - is like one thousand two-hundred roundies Related Questions The sun'll come out, tomorrow. If a Canadian who you're madly in love with says "I'll bet dollars to donuts"?

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However, in the case of "dollars to donuts", you are so absolutely sure of an outcome in your favour i. Whenever you hear any resident of a community attempting to decry the local paper. The phrase parallels the earlier English betting expression 'a pound to a penny'. Like two thousand four-hundred of the precious little guys. Answer Questions What are the 10 biggest lies? Even in the USA, the original spelling was 'doughnut' - the 'donut' spelling came in well after this phrase. It means you are so sure of something that you'll bet your dollars that's worth something to someone's donuts that's not worth anything.

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